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forstell for possessing porn, a lot of it, thousands of videos of children were found in his san jose apartment. >> some of the pornography that mr. forstell was sharing involved younger children, the youngest ones we saw were about 4 years old, up to about 9, the majority in the 5 to 7-year-old range. >> reporter: even more disturbing, the children in the same images were the same ages as the children he taught in seaside, south of santa cruz. that is not the only school forstell worked at. he was also a substitute from 2009 until february of this year. during that time he filled in at 11 different elementary schools and middle schools in the district, including a 5-month assignment, teaching third grade here at clyde arbuckle elementary school. >> he was a substitute teacher here and applied for substitute service in 2009. we do a background check, and a fingerprint check. so we did that, and he cleared that. those fingerprints go to a department of justice, so at a time of hiring that is done. >> reporter: the investigation continues, we tried to talk to him at his apartment but no
san jose to san francisco. can't rule out a bit of drizzle back for oakland. two things we are watching. the first one is colder weather as head into tonight and tomorrow morning. temperatures dropping to the 30s up into the north bay. and the other thing that we are monitoring is a weekend forecast. going to be changing. we will talk about the warm weather and how high the temperatures will go coming up in the full forecast. >>> estimated 9,000 people in san jose are affiliated with a gang and one of them may be responsible for the city's latest shooting, a teenager shot on the east sietd. the san jose community is getting creative on how to stop this rising violence. among the ideas, a change of clothing. kris sanchez joins us with ideas that other cities could possibly use. >> reporter: hi, there. for the last two years san jose police say that the number of gang homicides have accounted for about half of all of the homicides in the city of san jose. a crime prevention and a gang prevention expert says that is only half of the story. all quiet near fischer middle school
of sergeant butch baker and detective elizabeth butler walked down the aisle in san jose. butler's is 5-year-old son joaquin wore his mother's police cap. governor jerry brown, attorney general kamala harris, and former secretary of defense leon panetta paid respects to the two officers gunned down in the line of duty. >> these two fine officers on that tuesday afternoon did not look the other way. they drew the line. they were doing their job. and they paid the ultimate price. but in so doing, they saved the lives of others. >> officers and sheriff's deputies from across the state stood shoulder to shoulder to honor the legacy of the fallen officers. friends and coworkers described butch baker as a tenacious truth seeker who always bed with honor and worked hundreds of cases. >> he was the go-to guy. >> baker was also known for his sense of humor, his love of a good prank and for his devotion his three kids and his wife. beth butler's sister sboek about her younger sister who loved serving her community and fighting for those who often had no voice. she said beth always embraced life. >> sh
favro is live in south san jose at the hilltop manor senior apartments to display how this happened. marianne? >> reporter: janelle, not only did relatives and police miss the body, but on february 26 managers here investigated the apartment and also did not find stanley jacobson's body. neighbors here at the senior apartments in san jose say they're saddened to know the man known as the magician was murdered in his home. this is the woman accused of stabbing him to death, 46-year-old regina butler. neighbors describe her as his girlfriend. police say they've been investigating her on suspicious of defrauding jacobson out of insurance money. he had early stage dementia. his granddaughter reported him missing and ultimately found him in his apartment hidden beneath a pile of linens and blankets. she had been to the home three times since her grandfather had gone missing. >> based on the investigation of what we know right now, we believe he was murdered early february, probably between february 5 and the 8th. >> reporter: investigators believe the body was repeatedly missed despite t
transferred $148 million in assets before it dissolved in 2011. the san jose leaders had hoped the build a ballpark for the a's, they will continue to bring the a's to san jose. meanwhile, the co-owner spoke today saying that san jose remains the a's's best option for a new home. >>> and courage under fire, that is how police officers described the actions of several of their own today. this morning, 20 officers from northern california were honored, including two from san jose. involved in a high profile gunshot last year. today, one officer talked about that day for the first time, exclusively with nbc bay area. and damion, that is where that gun fight happened? >> reporter: yes, you may recall that gun batting here, in east san jose. it was a night officer no will never forget. >> two extremely violent suspects who just committed four armed robberies and one homicide. >> reporter: she spotted the suspected serial robber and murderers and then began to follow them. >> it is pretty much imbedded in my mind. i recall just about every detail. >> reporter: this brave officer immediately jo
to a man, a stranger, standing over her bed in san jose. the shock didn't end there. the man was a registered sex offender on parole, and he was tracking police with an app. kris sanchez joins us from san jose this evening with what we now know about the suspect. kris? >> reporter: well, as you mentioned, raj, he is a parolee and we know he is registered as a transient. he tried to use technology to avoid capture. he still got caught after breaking into that south san jose home. when san jose police were searching for an attempted sexual assault suspect around 3:20 this morning, that suspect, 29-year-old ryan campbell, was listening to them on their radio. he heard them coming. he was running an app on his smartphone that allowed him to listen to police scanners. >> it was sent to the san jose southern division channel 2, actually trying to monitor our officers as they were respond ing to the crime. >> reporter: equally shocking when he broke into this home and stood over a woman's bed, he was wearing an ankle bracelet, a condition of his parole on a burglary conviction. but
pavilion in san jose. a procession from santa cruz to san jose before the memorial. nbc bay area will be covering both events. >>> a construction crew hit a two-inch gas line today happening near the great mall parkway and main street. apparently a backhoe cut into the line after 1:00 this afternoon. a firefighter shut down main street and ordered some evacuations. some pg&e crews shut off the gas. the line was quickly repaired and things went back to normal. >> okay. take a peek outside. a beautiful shot from our emoriville camera coming to you in high definition. a beautiful monday but changes are right around the corner. our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking our first round of wet weather it seems like in eons, jeff. >> i know. we couldn't be more pleased in the weather department to be getting more rainfall. we have had one of the driest years on record at least when you look at the calendar year. that will be quickly changing by this time tomorrow. there's the cold front about 500 miles offshore. not only rain but quite a bit of wind that we'll be tracking as that
that are expected to take weeks if not months. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >>> stephanie, thanks very much. san jose police investigators want you to take a close look at these surveillance pictures. the man in the white shirt and black shirt followed two riders off a light rail train three weeks ago. once they were several blocks from the station they confronted the victims threatening to shoot them and to hand over money and valuables. no one was hurt. if they look familiar, you are asked to call the san jose police department. >>> rain is expected to make a return for the holiday weekend. a live look right now in san jose. it's great out there right now. it's not going to last. let's bring in jeff ranieri. he has more. jeff? >>> cloud cover increasing out ahead of the storm system. onshore flow rapidly returning as the area of low pressure continues to spiral in the pacific, a decent amount of moisture. the other thing we're noting which is unusual at least for bay area standards is because this is pulling in so much moisture from the south, a little bit of humidity, look at the cloud t
for the building and the city of san jose to showcase as not only a great athletic city but one of the great in the united states. >> reporter: the benefits will be felt outside hp pavilion. downtown san jose restaurants and hotels will be packed this week. >> we will be sold out starting tomorrow through saturday. >> reporter: as visitors pour money into a south bay economy that has been on a tech fuelled housing boosted roll. >> we anticipate being sold out with reservations and dinner parties. we have several private dining rooms booked for officials and special dinners and stuff like that. >> reporter: with the bon jovi concert around the corner these are good times for san jose's arena and the ripple effects will be felt through the entire downtown. again, the games kick off here thursday morning. i'm told there are still seats available. best bet is to go through ticket master or the schools that are playing here themselves. reporting live in downtown san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >>> march madness in san jose. >>> game over for the ceo of one of the most well known gaming
cameras. san jose is on your left, palo alto on the right. we're starting to see a couple of showers. it's weather that could have an impact on plans for folks celebrating easter sunday. let's check in with meteorologist rob meida who's tracking spring showers. what's going on, rob? >> the picture that you showed, the contrast between palo alto and here is pretty dramatic. look at the view off to san francisco now. let's show you the radar. the south bay and the rain on the santa cruz mountains is spilling into the valley. over towards sunnyvale. now sfo as that shot showed us, the rain is coming up from the south and ongoing showers in the north bay. what we have now is increasing moisture, increasing lift to the atmosphere as this area of low pressure which has been sitting off shore. by the time we head into easter sunday morning i think it's going to be sitting on top of the bay area. now the rain has arrived. rain off and on at times. not nonstop rain but you may hear a rumble or two of thunder especially in the north bay tonight. plan on keeping the umbrella on stand by for easter
the relevancy of black history month sparked a rally today at san jose state. the rally ended up at the famous black power statue on campus. it was originally planned as a march to celebrate black history month. then an article came out in the "spartan daily" titled "black history month is redundant." students told us they were offended by the article. >> a lot of people try to argue racism isn't prominent in today's society. but it is because a lot of people feel a certain way about us being here and black history being taught. the fact it's not relevant. so just with that, it angered a lot of us. we felt like are we redundant? do people think our culture is redundant? are we fighting still for relevancy in today, 2013? >> in addition to the campus at san jose state, the article was discussed passionately on twitter, too. >>> for an update on a developing story out of the east bay, investigators spent the day combing a creek bay for more human remains after a skull was found. it went on at union city off a trail near alvarado mills road. any new information tonight? >> reporter: jessica, abou
are growing and hiring. it's like opening a present that will be giving gifts for years to come. san jose's best-tronics taking the wraps off a giant 71,000-square-foot manufacturing facility by giving locals a place to see their products being made is bringing testing back. >> here they can just drive down 101 or 880 and they're here. we can send our engnaers to work. the advantages cannot be quantified. >> reporter: manufacturing jobs, long outsourced to other countries, coming back here to the bay area giving the already hot tech industry a slightly different shot in the arm. >> and so there's another category of jobs, technical jobs. there will be some ph.d.s but people with technical degrees and technical expertise in manufacturing. we've lost a lot of that over the last few decades and it's great to see it come back. >> reporter: as we buy more mobile technology, more components like these have to be made and tested to fit into our gadgets. and that means more jobs in facilities like this one. >> absolutely. in fact, we've already hired -- if you look at our head count what it was l
people in san jose are saying for plans to build a fast food restaurant in their neighborhood. they are against the mcdonalds being built in west san jose. but others say the community needs the jobs. nbc has more where both sides plan to speak out today. >> reporter: the community meeting starts at 6:30 tonight, but people are already filing here to the international performing arts center in san jose. more than 100 people are expected to express their opinions of why they do or don't want to see a new mcdonalds built in this mall. the plan is for the home of the big mac to be built here off this field in san jose. but neighbors are not loving it. especially the plan for a drive-through. >> that is where the traffic problems come up. the risk to kids come up. that is where we lose our pedestrian neighborhood, and the ea ease of getting in and out of the parking lot, it causes a real mess. >> reporter: many other neighbors signed the petition expressing concerns about the new fast food restaurant. many say with the middle school across the street, mcdonald's may undermine the
you. >>> starting today san jose businesses have to pay the workers a minimum wage of $10 an hour. a news conference held today kicks off the first day of higher minimum wage. it was students who circulated petitions to launch the wage increase proposal. nearly 60% of san jose voters passed the measure in november. several local businesses adopted the pay raise soon after. >> we are going with it. i started it a month ago with most of my employees just to get into it and see how it works. and i know that it is happier employees, great customer service compared to good customer service and my lines are going out the door. >> experts predict the measure will inject $70 million in added revenue. those workers will have to spend the extra pay in san jose. >>> an almeida county superior judge has overturned the rape conviction of johnny williams. he was convicted in 1998 of sexually attacking a 9-year-old girl. at the time forensic testing of the victim's clothing was inconclusive. last year the innocence project partnered. it ran a new dna test on the clothes and those show that willi
're live in san jose, i'm damien tra hujillo, nbc news. >>> relief for the police who reached that little girl in the suv. he's sharing his story. officer acosta shared his reaction when he found her. >> she appeared like an 11-month-old would. she appeared distraught, kind of lost r lost, dazed. so she was happy to see us. >> officer acosta even rode with the little girl to the hospital and stayed there until she was reunited with his mother. the experience was emotional for him as well as the father of a 6-year-old and 2-year-old children. >>> a castro valley man is now dead after being shot by police last week. investigators say terrence barry called the alameda sheriff's office friday, told dispatchers he was going to shoot up the world. he also told them he had a machine gun. deputies arrived in an armored vehicle and spied barry in the bushes. at that point barry pointed what they thought was an assault rifle at them. they opened fire. after, the investigators learned it was only a homemade replica weapon. barry was hit twice and died at the hospital yesterday. >>> her family calls
. tonight final preparations, people from around the country will gather at the hp pavilion in san jose for the funeral of the two fallen santa cruz police officers. streets and freeways will be impacted tomorrow during this emotional event. nbc bay area's damian trujillo joins us this evening from santa cruz. damian? >> reporter: well, raj, they opened the doors at 3:00 this afternoon here at the santa cruz memorial. there's been a steady flow of people ever since. insid inside the chapel are the two officers who gave their lives for their community. they lie with honor inside the memorial, side-by-side. sergeant butch baker and sergeant elizabeth butler. >> i brought some flowers to come and pay my respects to these brilliant officers that went way beyond the line of duty. >> reporter: supporters and strangers lined up for their turn to pay homage to a man and a woman who died wearing their blues protecting the city. >> it's something i don't think we can comprehend. it's a tragedy that should have never happened. >> reporter: sergeant baker and officer butler were questioning jeremy
this is neighbors say they are talking more to each other to look out for one another. live in east san jose, stephanie tron. >>> witnesses are responding to shots that killed a man. when they arrived, they found a 37-year-old san francisco man shot with multiple gunshot wounds. his identity is not being released. >> the search for a missing east bay woman. she's been missing since thursday. she's 31 years old, 5'3" weighing 220 pounds. she was last seen walking on 34th and telegraph on oakland. she's been having a tough time since her husband died last year. a $1,000 reward is offered for her safe return. anyone with information, call the oakland police department. >>> an under cover operation led to six women under prostitution charges. cops met the women at various motels. they were arrested. the suspects from from oakland, san jose and vallejo. their ages range from 18 to 46. >>> three people dead and one fighting for her death. it happened on the 100 block of eastmoor avenue. monty francis is there with an update on the investigation. >> good evening. we are told by a family friend the
plates stolen from san jose cars and stolen goods inside as well. a woman was also locked inside the room but she was given a chance to leave and declined. a s.w.a.t. team was called to the scene as well as gilroy police and canine units. at 4:30 the man surrendered peacefully and was taken into custody. no one was hurt. >>> now to an nbc bay area follow-up. san jose police have released a sketch of the woman wanted for kidnapping an car theft after driving away with a baby stolen in a jeep. the vehicle was parked outside an east san jose home with tadler in her car seat yesterday morning. the child's mother ran back into the home to grab something and was gone just a few seconds. when she returned, the jeep and her 11-month-old child were both gone. police found the suv five hours later abandoned but with the baby safely inside. the suspect was seen wandering the neighborhood and talking on her cell phone moments before stealing the jeep. >>> in a south bay courtroom, a not guilty plea from a former teacher accused of trying to drug children at a day care center. she stood before a judge
alive. garcia torres will be back in court at the hall of justice in san jose. and there's there's going to be a balloon release at the sierra lamar search center in morgan hill marking the one-year anniversary of her disappearance. reporting live in san jose, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> in addition to the events we just mentioned, there's also a fund-raiser being health in fremont where sierra lived before moving to morgan hill. that fund-raiser will raise money to fund the ongoing search efforts. the event is tomorrow afternoon at the niles hall. >>> new at 6:00 tonight, less pink. today is normally a rough day for teachers all across the bay area. march 15th is the day they are put on notice they may not have a job next year. but thanks to prop 30 this year is very different. jodi hernandez is joining us live from richmond to tell us what the future holds for hundreds of teachers in that east bay district and many districts. jodi? >> reporter: that's right, jessica, the future has not looked this bright for teachers in a long time. it seems every year on march 15th w
a new crisis for several community organizations. >> reporter: this is where many san jose residents come for crisis intervention or other counseling services. this is also the time when the counseling center begins identifying budget priorities for the next fiscal year. but there is a problem. they don't have account supervisor to help them lobby for funds. >> to me this is the district that can least afford to not have a leader right now. >> reporter: the filing process opened today for those wanting to replace him as supervisor in district two, the poorest of the five county district. many worry that the special election is too late for a new supervisor to have a grasp of budget priorities. >> there won't be someone voting on the allocation of precious resources during the budget process. >> reporter: community groups are organizing, forming coalitions to identify those budget priorities. they want to meet with the candidates to ensure when the time comes to fight at the board of supervisors district two gets its share. >> we have a list that we need to fight for and we are going
>> reporter: yesterday afternoon police in san jose shot and killed a man after a high speed chase on highway 85. that suspect was also pronounced dead at the scene. in san francisco early saturday morning another vehicle pursuit ended near candle stick park. late thursday night in sonoma county a sheriff's deputy shot and killed a kidnapping suspect after he led them on a chase with a victim in the car. a fifth officer-involved shooting happened in union city last night. officers shot and killed an armed man that they say pointed a gun at them after a traffic stop. all of these shootings are subject to internal review and the officers involved have been placed on administrative leave. >>> it was a wild high speed chase on city streets that led officers to fire on a suspect in san jose. that chase began around 2:30 in the afternoon. despite speeds of up to 100 miles per hour at times no officer or by stander was hurt. the spokesman says the suspect's identity may be released tomorrow. >>> today the triathlon was grueling as ever and thousands of people finished successfully one ath
within a couple of hours of the conclusion. >>> also the search is on for a missing san jose state student last spotted in the santa cruz mountains. 22-year-old gab real smith was reported missing earlier this morning. records show a state park ranger wrote him a ticket for camping illegally in the park just hours before he was reported missing. a formal search and rescue has not yet begun but deputies are asking for the public's help. he is 5'10" and about 150 pounds. >>> you have to spend money to make money. that appears to be the game plan for santa clara for landing super bowl l. kris sanchez joins us live from santa clara. not everyone is on board with that game plan. >> reporter: i think that is safe to say but the mayor says he is working hard to make sure his city doesn't lose money if it hosts the super bowl and is willing to give up key concessi concessions. folks who have opposed the stadium say he is making promises that he just cannot keep. the san francisco 49ers stadium is going up right on schedule. the work behind the scenes to bring super bowl l is no less seriou
, south san jose, our weather watcher steve, santa cruz nice as well. we're in the 50s and 60s outside currently. we still have enough of a sea breeze which is keeping temperatures from getting too warm. until these winds are more out of the northeast and warmup really holds off and you're going to spring forward an hour. we're going to move the clocks forward as we lose sleep and get an extra hour of sunlight. it's going to be nice towards the middle of next week. high clouds looking at there from north to south. high pressure is building in and it's acting like a wall for all of the specific moisture. that's going to head up towards sail, not just tomorrow but very likely all the way through friday. and this is going to be the dry air aloft, dry towards sea level, some 70s out there today and tomorrow. the most warming we see will come tuesday, wednesday, and thursday. hour by hour tonight into tomorrow morning, notice thanks to that moderate sea breeze near the coast, a sign we're not going to warm up, as the winds shift late are into the new week, that's going to leave temperatures
. because duvall has been very impressive. very powerful guy. played at san jose last year. >> mike: had an rbi yesterday, including a home run. >> jon: 3-2. that one is hit deep into left center field. way back there is clearry. and it's a home run. cole gillespie got one into the jet stream and right out of the yard for a game-ending home run. so quir o oz and belt score ahead of him and gillespie tags the plate. final score, 9-7 giant. four-run, ninth inning. and cole gillespie trying to win a spot on this club. >> mike: well, that's how you put an impression in your manager's mind, get a walk-off home run. high hanger right at the belt. and gillespie knew as soon as he hit it. goes right into a trot. folks, time to go home and that's how you have a happy st. patrick's day. see ya! >> jon: and there it was, over the wall. that's no cheapy in this ballpark. so 9-7, giants and the 11,756, sell-out crowd, and they celebrate. a giants come back in the ninth, making sergio romo, the winning pitcher, rosenbaum takes the loss, 9-7, giants. 16 hits for giants. 12 for rockies. and so, giants n
four complaints against the city of san jose. the action means the complaint has to be heard by an administrative law judge. after 70% approved measure b some city workers resigned rather than accept reduced benefits and a higher retirement age. >> the city had a requirement to bargain in good faith and did not do so. >> city workers say the state employment relations board has been successful in challenging san diego's pension reform plan. >>> police on the peninsula say the sunnyveil man who killed three members of a family was driving drunk. he made his first court appearance today. police say on saturday night he was driving about 60 miles per hour when he hit the family's car. he had been racing away from another accident he had just caused. police say a blood test show the blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit after drinking beer for five hours at a nearby restaurant. the crash killed a mother and two sons and critically injured a fourth person in that car. the times reports he is already on probation. >>> still ahead tonight at 6:00 a local woman unde
on the east side of san jose. but by his own admission, he made some bad mistakes. we're live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you, damian. >>> the san jose woman who made headlines for her chili finger hoax has pled not guilty to covering up a parole violation by her son. they say ayala made up a story about her son being shot when he's the one who accidentally shot himself in october. she and her son are convicted felons. so that means they're not allowed to have guns. praurts say she helped her son get rid of his illegally owned weapon. both now face up to four years and eight months in prison and are being held on 150,000 dollars bail. >>> happening now smaller venue and shorter hours. those are some of the changes in tonight's first friday arts festival in oakland. tonight some are remembering a teen killed at last month's event. i want to show you a live look at the festival on telegraph avenue. also there lots of cops. wanting to avoid the violence that killed kiante campbell shot and killed after the february event. one vendor says she hopes the sho
in the nbc bay area weather center. quite a bit of wind here. wind gusts 40 to 45 miles per hour. san jose 15 to 20 miles per hour kicking around all of the pollen in the atmosphere. we will have details of when rain will return and wash that pollen away. >>> if your money is on tech startups it has been a good week. let's bring in scott budman who has an eye on your wallet. >> tech startups are red hot again and investors seem willing to move money from bigger companies like oracle to smaller companies, case in point, marin software. shares of marin based in san francisco gained 16% on the first day of trading. >>> a rough afternoon for cisco systems. the networking giant ordered to pay $70 million to a new york company. a jury found that cisco fraudulently obtained technology. cisco says it will appeal. >>> it has been a whirl wind of 48 hours for twitter. the san francisco company which lets you communicate to the world in 180 characters or less turned seven years old yesterday and has shown why people love it and in some cases fear it. >> reporter: ipad in hand you can say sergeant mike f
whereabouts you are to call the san jose police department. >>> a developing story from san francisco. a shooting at a nightclub near at&t park this morning. it happened at a club called 330 rich which is the club's address. the investigators are looking at surveillance footage from nearby businesses. one man is in critical condition and two have nonlife threatening injuries. >>> santa clara county had a program for gang members and former gang members. teens dropped off clothing and shoes and small weapons. it is part of the third annual unit day. at the reed hill view airport more than 500 handguns, shotguns and rifles were collected. the founder of eastside heroes say that the dropoff is in response to gang violence in the area. >> the part of the event is gang attire turn in as well as pocket knives and brass knuckles that the kids are motivated to bring in. we had the middle schooler drop off 20 gang-related items. >> a peace walk through the neighborhood followed the event. the zip code has the highest number of gang related arrests in the city. >>> it was a historic meeting tha
the day tomorrow. a bit of a drop in the temperatures. upper 60s, close to 70 in san jose. low 70s instead of the mid and upper 70s. we should see 60s and low 70s. cooling in richmond and berkeley. the sea breeze is more persistent. more clouds into monday. tuesday into wednesday, you can see the opportunity there is getting rain. probably a half inch or less. not a big system except in the north bay. we may get close to an inch of rain there. sierra, snow up to 6,000 feet. high pressure builds back next friday and saturday mid-70s. >> sounds good to me. >> i was up in tahoe, all that snow is melting away. >> highs close to 60. it's still beautiful spring skiing. >>> the grand princess makes a maiden voyage. what it means for san francisco. >>> more tourism dollars are pouring into san francisco. the grand princess is leaving just about now. it's the first ship to be based in san francisco year round. here it is. the 2600 passenger ship is expected to inject about $1 million into the economy every time it comes into port. >> really like the convenience of having it in our home city. that w
should see mid to upper 60s from san jose south. some spots may try to get close to 70s, but it really looks like upper and mid 60s. the winds out of the west for you tomorrow. you see the numbers in the upper 60s out to fairfield and 59 closer to san francisco and 60s into the north bay as the winds come up out of the south. see a cool down in your temperatures to start the work week. by tuesday and wednesday, increasing cloud us, a chance of a few spring showers. as we head to next weekend for now, it looks a little unsettled. put stay tuned on there as we head to easter sunday. right now, plastic eggs would be better than nonwaterproof ones. it does look like we get a little something out of that system. >> no! >> i know. if easter could have only been -- >> today! >> so gorgeous. >> yes. >> every little bit of rain helps the allergies and it's been very dry. that helps fire season. set that off. >> thanks very much. >>> hollywood and broadway legend shows up at an area theater today. we'll see where, next. >>> one of the most well known names in show business telling her story in t
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